January 26, 2013

All the Little Things

Hi, and welcome to my blog.

I've been thinking about beginning a blog for awhile now, even going so far as to create the URL, design the site and logo, and draft a few initial posts. But I had the most trouble committing to a single theme to cover on the pages of this little blog. There were so many questions in my head about what would be interesting and entertaining, and how to encapsulate all of those ideas under one overarching cover.

Then it hit me. There isn't one focus for this blog, because I am far too easily destracted to focus on just one topic. So I stopped worrying about choosing a specific focus, and started writing.

This blog is about discovery. It's about all the things in my life that take exploration and adventure. About starting new things, and re-energizing whatever things you have already started. I decided to stick with the address - ahintofmint.blogspot.com - because it seems to fits just perfectly. My love of mint (and mojitos) is just one little meaningful thing in my life...among a whole long list of little things that make it great.

This blog is about all the little things. And a hint of mint doesn't hurt.